Our Vision


In our society that is so splintered and divided, we long for God to build a new gospel community, that although made up of broken people, manifests the beauty of Jesus.

We don’t just want to know more, we want to flourish and know the joy of Christ in community groups where we experience transformative love, acceptance and truth.

We long for the city of El Paso to be transformed by the mercy and grace we have received in Jesus; that which we have received, we freely give to our neighbors.

The ethnic diversity of El Paso is a taste of what God has in store for us in heaven. Consequently, we strive for reconciliation between different races and socioeconomic classes.

Worship of God not only takes place on Sunday, but every day and in every job, activity and sphere in which God has placed us.

Our Commitments

Gospel of grace - Jesus died the death we should have died, but won’t, and he lived the life we should live, but can’t. This is the Good News that rescues, empowers, heals and restores us; it is the central focus in our preaching, worship and living.

A multi-cultural church body open to people of all colors, languages, backgrounds

A desire to see our community renewed and transformed  to reflect the grace, mercy and justice of God.

Relationships in which the care and love of Jesus and his community are so real that loneliness is overcome and friendships are treasured.

Community groups  in which genuine loving service is expressed, and with whom we journey honestly in this walk of faith.

Worship of God that is a foretaste of heaven. Our Sunday gatherings are for our Lord -   to hear his voice through his Word, to be filled with the joy of the Spirt, and to more deeply love the Savior Jesus who gave himself for us.


Our Staff



Rev. Manuel Padilla

Manuel (Tito) was born in Texas, yet was raised in a Puerto Rican home. He spent most of his early years overseas because of his father’s Air Force career. It was during his time in Maryland, while in college, that he came to have a personal trust in Christ.

After working a few years as a social worker in Baltimore City he attended Reformed Theological Seminary where he graduated with a M.Div. in Missions. He and his family later served in Spain for thirteen years before coming to El Paso. He and his wife Kim have three adult children, Joshua, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.



Rev. Jeff White

Jeff (J. Blanco) was raised in Guatemala City in a missionary family serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators . In this environment he came to value the preciousness of scripture, enjoy living cross-culturally, and most of all he learned to love the Lord Jesus who loved him first. He also likes hiking, maps, the weather App, and black coffee.

He has lived in the Northwest where his extended family is from, the Southeast where his wife is from, the Northeast where he attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and finally in 2016 he and his family moved to the Southwest. He and his wife Matheson have two young children, Poppie Marie and Hebron.



Mrs. Tabitha Columbare



Mr. Ben Vincent



Mrs. Kristi Herl


Our Officers



(l-r): Isaac Whitt, Danny Hicks


(l-r): Scott Moore, Brandon Herl, Jesse Snyder